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Sales team heads in an exciting new direction

Restructure sends sales team in exciting new direction

We have undertaken a top to bottom restructure of our sales team, making a series of strategic role changes and new hires to better respond to industry and merchant demand.

As part of this major restructure, a new national sales manager and four new regional sales managers have been positioned to support the iron and steel divisions. The managers will oversee our nationwide operations, with each covering a different region of the UK.

Working alongside sales director Ricky Hasprey, new hire Sean Lanagan is now national sales manager overseeing the work of regional sales managers Carolyn Cleaver, David Mitchell, Haydn Probert, and Jamie Keleher. Supporting the iron and steel divisions is Dave Sanders, Wrekin’s head of technical sales, who works particularly closely with local authorities and water companies across the country.

Wrekin has also invested in its geosynthetics division by appointing a new technical sales manager for the Midlands and South, Martin Gilbert. Holly Sharpe has also been promoted to geosynthetics team leader.

What sets Wrekin apart is our ability to adapt and move forward to meet the shifting demands of our markets.

Ricky Hasprey

Sales Director, Wrekin Products Ltd.

Ricky Hasprey, sales director at Wrekin, said: “What sets Wrekin apart is our ability to adapt and move forward to meet the shifting demands of our markets. Because of this, we are constantly reviewing our processes and making improvements that will benefit our customers.

“The structural changes we’ve made are sweeping, but all have been with thought and consideration behind them to improve clarity, consistency and understanding. Using the feedback we’ve received from customers; the new structure presents us in the most helpful and convenient way when responding to enquiries.”

As well as a new structure, Wrekin has invested in a new customer relationship management (CRM) system that will support the sales team internally with receiving, responding to and redirecting enquiries.

Simon Turner, commercial director at Wrekin, said: “This is an exciting time for Wrekin and a step in a bold new direction that will allow us to engage and serve our customers with speed, precision, and the high quality we’re known for. Our motto is ‘Make every day better’, which this change is helping to do.”