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Geotextiles play a vital and long-lasting role in improving ground conditions in a wide variety of construction projects, from road building and car parks to coastal defences and railways.

Geotextiles being installed on building site

These fabrics provide a wide range of functions, making them incredibly versatile. They can block debris or separate aggregates, provide drainage and filtration by allowing water to pass through, increase the level of reinforcement, and even provide protection.

Woven geotextiles are manufactured from synthetic materials, woven together to form a uniform sheet and provide greater tensile strength than a nonwoven geotextile, per weight of product.

Nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured by entangling fibres together, either by thermally bonding or by needle punching. This creates a random structure with a larger pore size. This makes them ideal in filtration and drainage applications, where they can also provide a separation function.

Robust, flexible, reliable and durable, our woven and nonwoven geotextile ranges are available in a variety of roll widths and lengths. Allowing you to tailor the product to your installation requirements. This provides efficiencies in both transport and cost.

Geogrids being installed at Norwich North Recycling Centre
Continuing Professional Development

Ground engineering solutions

This CPD will help you to understand the background of our range of products on offer, where they’re used, what makes them different, and what to look out for when specifying.

  • Learn about the different geogrid forms and what makes them different.
  • Understand the different manufacturing processes and their impacts
  • Understand how geogrids work to provide reinforcement properties
  • Learn how geogrids can add value to a project through value engineering
MultiTrack rolls being installed
See how much you could save

Overlaps calculator

Explore the exciting possibilities with our extensive range of roll sizes, designed to help you save money, time, and reduce carbon emissions during material transport. Our calculator can help you to determine the ideal roll width and length for your next project, allowing you to achieve exceptional results.

Working side by side

A supportive team

We have developed a strong reputation in the civil engineering sector thanks to our wealth of experience and ease of use. We offer the best technical expertise with exceptional customer support. Our team works with asset owners, developers, main contractors, ground workers and local authorities throughout a construction scheme’s lifecycle.

Design support

By utilising our design support services, you can maximise your savings and save yourself time. Our handy design support forms will speed up the specification process.

Design support forms

Product specification

We provide fully open and transparent product data to all, simply browse our product specification data online.

Product specification data

Savings calculators

Cost savings and materials calculators to help you form informed choices when designing and specifying Geoworks solutions.

Savings calculators

Training, advice and site meetings

Book yourself on to a CPD course to gain valuable insight into Geoworks product solutions. We're also always on hand to provide advice and willing to attend site meetings.


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