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Reliable reinforcement


E'GRID is our premium range of biaxial geogrids, offering a 100 year design life. Available in a wide choice of roll sizes, including large aperture variants, E'GRID uses a proven square shape which has been installed in real world applications for over 40 years. Proven through independent, peer reviewed testing, unlike its alternatives, E'GRID gives specifiers and contractors confidence in a long-lasting solution that's quick and simple to install while providing significant cost and CO2e savings.

E'GRID biaxial geogrids

E'GRID biaxial geogrids can solve pavement problems by providing reinforcement to granular sub-bases, capping layers & railway ballasts in areas of weak or variable soils. When granular particles are compacted over a geogrid, they partially penetrate and project through the apertures, creating a strong and positive interlock.

The load dispersal effect provided by E'GRID combined with the interlocking mechanism provides increased shearing resistance within soils. This improves compaction and allows the sub-base thickness to be decreased by up to 50%, providing significant reductions to construction time and costs. Carbon emissions are also massively reduced across projects, as less aggregate is required. Removing emissions from the extraction, processing, transport and installation processes.

The tough platform created provides tremendous load dispersal, allowing previously weak soils to be reclaimed for foundations, motorways, railways and airport runways.

Roll of Geoworks E'GRID geogrid


Stock code Description My Geoworks
GGEGRID/30 E'GRID Premium Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/30L E'GRID Premium Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene, large aperture - 4m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/40 E'GRID Premium Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 30m roll
E'GRID Biaxial Geogrid


Superior reinforcement

E'GRID provides superior reinforcement to soft and unstable ground when compared to traditional methods of reinforcement. It achieves this by providing a strong interlock to infill, dispersing weight and forces efficiently.

Faster construction

E'GRID can help you to accelerate your construction programmes. As a simple to install system, it requires minimal ground preparation and can minimise the impacts of weather on your schedule.

Significant carbon savings

E'GRID reduces the amount of infill needed on a project by up to 50% when compared to traditional methods of reinforcement. This can provide huge savings in CO2e. In fact, over 43,000 trees would need to be planted to absorb the equivalent CO2 not created thanks to E'GRID installations in 2022.

Cost savings

Achieve cost savings of up 40% thanks to a reduction in requirements of labour and plant costs.

E'GRID reduces thicknesses of compounds and haul roads
Achieve significant savings

Reduce your projects carbon emissions

Our geogrids can play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions across a project. There's numerous ways this is achieved, including:

  • By reducing the amount of earthworks required on-site before the grids go into the ground. This reduces the amount of plant required, and their associated emissions.
  • Reducing the thickness of a haul road, compound or similar. This thickness is created with aggregate which requires extraction, processing, and transport. By minimising the aggregate you will significantly reduce embodied carbon. Our geogrids can provide equivalent load-bearing capabilities to sub-bases twice as thick, providing aggregate savings of up to 50%.
  • Minimising the likelihood of repairs. Geogrids provide reinforcement, leading to higher quality, stronger sub-bases, which can result in longer-lasting and harder-wearing installations, requiring less repairs and maintenance.
Calculate your aggregate savings when using a Geoworks biaxial geogrid

Find out how much money and carbon you can save

When constructing a temporary road you can save money and decrease your carbon footprint. By using a Geoworks biaxial geogrid you could dramatically reduce the amount of aggregate required on your project.

Our easy-to-use calculator can give you an estimation of cost and carbon savings.

Geogrids being installed at Norwich North Recycling Centre
Continuing Professional Development

Ground engineering solutions

This CPD will help you to understand the background of our range of products on offer, where they’re used, what makes them different, and what to look out for when specifying.

  • Learn about the different geogrid forms and what makes them different.
  • Understand the different manufacturing processes and their impacts
  • Understand how geogrids work to provide reinforcement properties
  • Learn how geogrids can add value to a project through value engineering

Applications for E'GRID

E'GRID is a versatile, premium quality biaxial geogrid, providing strong reinforcement to weak sub-bases across a wide variety of applications.

Compounds and haul roads

Achieve an economical design with rapid delivery and reduced costs on your compound or haul road.

Compounds and haul roads

Working platforms

Safety is critical, quickly increase the bearing capacity and reduce platform thickness with E'GRID.

Working platforms

Paved roads

Whether a rigid or flexible pavement, E'GRID can provide increased strength and stiffness to a road's foundation with a 100-year design life.


Minimise track settlement and degradation, by providing granular confinement for increased longevity with reduced costs. E'GRID 3030L is Network Rail approved.

Network Rail approved

Car parks

Whether paved or unpaved, the interlocking mechanism provided by E'GRID will increase performance with lower upfront and whole-life costs.

E'GRID statistics

reduction available on the thickness of a compound or haul road


cost savings available when using E'GRID


of proven real-world project experience


CO2e not emitted thanks to E'GRID installations during 2022

Network Rail track maintenance

Network Rail approval for E'GRID

E’GRID 3030L is approved by Network Rail with Certificate of Full Acceptance number PA05/05826.

Network Rail logo

To achieve this E’GRID underwent a vigorous auditing process, including having to provide justification for the product by demonstrating its monetary, safety and performance benefits to Network Rail.

E’GRID 3030L polypropylene biaxial geogrid features a large aperture, suited to reinforcing the railway ballast layer. This reduces ballast settlement and extends the time between subsequent maintenance work following ballast renewal. The reinforcing element is a Specific Condition of Network Rail acceptance, which requires CE Marking in accordance with BS EN 13250 for reinforcement materials used in contact with ballast.

The high tensile strength design of E’GRID is widely recognised as an effective method of stabilising ballast or soil through reinforcement. The high-strength polymer grid interlocks with the ballast or stone, confining the material to improve load dispersal and limit lateral movement under load.


SX Composite Geogrid installation
Combined geogrid and geotextile

Have you considered SX Composite?

Achieve time savings when acquiring materials and overall quicker installations, thanks to SX Composite, an all-in-one solution that performs as both a biaxial geogrid and a geotextile. SX Composite consists of nonwoven geotextile thermally bonded to our popular SX range of geogrid. It provides the functions of reinforcement, separation and filtration into one single product, rather than having to use two separate solutions, which offers significant savings.

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We have developed a strong reputation in the civil engineering sector thanks to our wealth of experience and ease of use. We offer the best technical expertise with exceptional customer support. Our team works with asset owners, developers, main contractors, ground workers and local authorities throughout a construction scheme’s lifecycle.

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