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Combined geogrid and geotextile

SX Composite

Achieve time savings when acquiring materials and overall quicker installations, thanks to SX Composite, an all-in-one solution that performs as both a biaxial geogrid and a geotextile. SX Composite consists of nonwoven geotextile thermally bonded to our popular SX range of geogrid. Available in 5.2m wide rolls as standard, it enables significant installation efficiencies to be achieved while reducing risks of failure.

Combination grid

Geogrids and geotextiles are often used together to provide reinforcement, separation, and filtration properties. This can be on projects such as haul roads, permanent roads, working platforms and compounds.

Developed with customer feedback and increased demand on construction materials in mind. SX Composite, combines all three functions into one, thermally bonded solution, providing significant time, labour and cost savings.

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Specification at a glance

  SX Composite 3030
Geogrid tensile strength (MD/TD) 30/30 kN/m
Geotextile tensile strength (MD/TD) 10/10 kN/m
Roll dimensions 5.2 x 50m


Stock code Description My Geoworks
GGC/COMBSX30/5.2X50 SX Composite 3030 composed of a thermally bonded SX Geogrid and Geotextile - 5.2m x 50m roll

Geoworks SX Composite Statistics

reduction available on the thickness of a compound or haul road


cost reductions available when using our Geogrid


faster to install with a geocomposite (compared to geotextile and geogrid).

Up to2x

functions in a single product.

SX Composite geogrid installation

SX Composite Benefits

Improved stability

Achieve improved stability on haul roads and access roads with SX Composite Geogrid.

Increased usage

SX Composite Geogrid offers increased usage ability for hard-to-reach or remote-access roads.

Carbon savings

Reduced aggregate usage and shipping of fewer products provide carbon savings on every project.

Reduced costs

Achieve reduced labour and plant costs during every installation.

Applications for SX Composite

Compounds and haul roads

Achieve an economical design with rapid delivery and reduced costs on your compound or haul road.

Compounds and haul roads

Working platforms

Safety is critical, quickly increase the bearing capacity and reduce platform thickness.

Working platforms
SX Grid available in 5.2m roll widths
The economical geogrid

Use less rolls on every project

SX Grid provides an economical and eco-friendly solution. Most geogrids are available in 4m roll widths, this results in rolls having to be overlapped and pined together, doubling labour, cost and shipping. The SX Grid range is available in roll 5.2m wide rolls.

This means SX Grid reduces the number of overlaps required compared to alternatives. A reduction in overlaps not only enhances the integrity of the solution by reducing the number of potential weaker points, but can significantly reduce installation time, saving on labour and plant costs.

This also happens to be the most economical method to ship geogrids to site. The added benefits of this includes reduced CO2, maximising the space available when shipping, meaning more can be transported in less space, reducing environmental impacts. The carbon reductions don’t just stop there, wider rolls means fewer trucks on the road delivering geogrid to site.


SX Composite Geogrid being installed as part of a haul road
Effective reductions

Reduce your carbon emissions

We have a long history of providing excellent ground reinforcement, while also helping to reduce the amount of materials used.

Did you know that by using Geoworks' proven geogrids you can achieve savings of up to 50% in material required, due to the reduced amount of sub-base you need? This, combined with the separation and filtration properties in SX Composite Geogrid, will provide the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

With SX Composite you'll only need to ship, handle and install one single roll, offering a significant reduction in carbon during transport and handling versus using separate materials.

Hinkley Point C haul road using Geoworks geogrids

SX Composite Functions

Geosynthetics play an important role in improving soil characteristics in a wide range of civil engineering and infrastructure works. SX Composite geogrid provides cost and time-saving systems through the following functions:


Provides additional strength to soils and aggregate layers, distributing loads more evenly. Can be used to reinforce and stabilise ground over weak and variable soils reducing rutting.


Prevents intermixing of soil layers. Different-sized particles are unable to mix, allowing water and gasses to pass through, creating a stronger surface to build on  with improved integrity.


Restricts the movement of particles, retaining soil or aggregates while allowing water to pass through the soil .

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