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Geoworks FAQs

General questions

Why are Wrekin rebranding their geosynthetics offering to Geoworks? Geoworks will differentiate Wrekin Products Ltd. access solutions and geosynthetics offers. Through our successes, the Wrekin name has become synonymous with access covers and access solutions. Geoworks will help to elevate our geosynthetics offer.
When is this change happening? Geoworks launched to market on 1st July 2024.
Is Geoworks still operating under the Wrekin umbrella or will it be a separate entity? Geoworks is a division of Wrekin Products Ltd. As we state in our logo, it's geosynthetics by Wrekin. Customers will be trading with Wrekin Products Ltd. our correspondence and marketing materials will state Geoworks (trading as Wrekin Products Ltd.).
Do new supplier accounts need to be created? No. Geoworks is trading as Wrekin Products Ltd.


Range and packaging

Will your product names change? No. Our range names will remain the same (until further notice).
Will your stock codes be affected? No. Our stock codes will remain the same (until further notice).
Will the product packaging be affected? Yes, our packing will be updated to the Geoworks brand. We suggest good stock rotation to flush through the old Wrekin branded range.



What email addresses are used by Geoworks We will primarily communicate from info@geoworks.eco and sales@geoworks.eco
What phone number do customers have to call? The existing number will continue to work, but there is a new direct line to the Geoworks team on 01543 440 480.


Merchant ordering, quoting, pricing and deliveries

Will orders need to be made to Geoworks? We prefer geosynthetics orders to be addressed to sales@ geoworks.eco. However, we will continue to accept from any existing addresses as we manage the transition.
Can an order for both access solutions and geosynthetics (Geoworks) be placed on same order? Yes.
Will quotes be raised as Geoworks? Our documentation will be dual branded and contain products from both ranges if applicable.
Who acknowledges the order, Wrekin or Geoworks? Our documentation will be dual branded.
Will this change affect pricing and mixed full load prices? No. Our pricing agreements will remain the same as before.
Do deliveries get delivered on behalf of Geoworks or do Wrekin still deliver? Our delivery notes will be dual branded. Our deliveries are provided by our existing logistics partners and remain the same as before.


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