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Embankments, Slopes, Bunds and Walls

What if contractors could construct embankments, slopes, bunds and walls during the construction phase by using more aesthetically pleasing solutions and increase site usability?

Embankments, slopes, bunds and walls

Slopes and structures on projects commonly follow a shallow angle and are conventionally constructed from reinforced concrete. However, our aesthetically pleasing innovations ensure a reinforced steepened slope can increase the usable area on site, thereby increasing the value of the land available.

Plus, a reinforced soil slope, rather than concrete, is much more aesthetically pleasing for residents, particularly with a planted face. As well as being far more aspirational, a reinforced retaining wall will reduce costs and time on a construction programme, often by up to 50 per cent. These savings can be increased further through curved and tiered reinforced soil retaining walls.

Embankments, slopes, bunds and walls in numbers

Our geosynthetic solutions have been used on thousands of projects to provide significant costs savings as well as promote sustainability and reduce emissions.

reductions available on construction programme.


cost savings available when using E'GRID


MultiTrack supplied in the last 5 years.

>50million m²
ProtectaWeb installation and Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh
Carbon reductions as standard

ProtectaWeb for robust slope reinforcement

ProtectaWeb is designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials. It provides contractors with a straightforward installation method, even on steep banks and slopes, providing resistance to erosion from wind and water run-off.

As a perforated panelled system, water is allowed to flow freely between cells, encouraging drainage and vegetation growth.

ProtectaWeb is an incredibly cost-effective solution for reinforcement, reducing granular fill requirements by up to 50%, and providing carbon reductions in the process. It is lightweight and easy to handle and cut. It can be used in conjunction with many common fill materials, even in locations of high load intensity. When infilled, ProtectaWeb provides a semi-rigid foundation.

Ready to get involved

Supporting tender bids

We’re an advocate of early engagement because if a Geoworks engineering manager is engaged at the tender stage, the impact on the savings to reduce time and money can also assist contractors in winning tenders.

Another benefit of early engagement is that geogrids can be manufactured to the exact width that the contractor needs, suiting the site-specific requirements and creating an even more cost-effective grid. Simply removing a longitudinal overlap in the geogrid layout can save a further 10 per cent in product costs alone. Small changes but big savings are available.

However, all isn’t lost if engagement comes afterwards as savings can still be introduced.

Tender bids
Working side by side

A supportive team

We have developed a strong reputation in the civil engineering sector thanks to our wealth of experience and ease of use. We offer the best technical expertise with exceptional customer support. Our team works with asset owners, developers, main contractors, ground workers and local authorities throughout a construction scheme’s lifecycle.

Design support

By utilising our design support services, you can maximise your savings and save yourself time. Our handy design support forms will speed up the specification process.

Design support forms

Product specification

We provide fully open and transparent product data to all, simply browse our product specification data online.

Product specification data

Savings calculators

Cost savings and materials calculators to help you form informed choices when designing and specifying Geoworks solutions.

Savings calculators

Training, advice and site meetings

Book yourself on to a CPD course to gain valuable insight into Geoworks product solutions. We're also always on hand to provide advice and willing to attend site meetings.


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Mostyn Sea Wall Repairs

When gale force winds combined with high tides on Thursday 5th December 2013, the result was the worst storm surge to hit North Wales in years. A solution devised jointly by Atkins, Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Limited and Geoworks was agreed. Our geosynthetic products were used to aid the creation of a barrier against adverse weather.

Network Rail Wales
Network Rail Wales
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Old Colwyn Embankment Repairs

We were approached by Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Limited, and Atkins to advise on a suitable geotextile to go beneath rock armour as a heavy-duty separation and filtration layer. The geotextile would form part of the necessary repair work to Network Rail Wales’ embankment at Old Colwyn, Conwy. The project is one of a series of schemes along the North Wales coastline where we have supplied their Multitrack geotextile to Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Limited.

Network Rail Wales
Network Rail Wales
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