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New rationalised geogrid range

Creating clarity and easing specification

With the Construction Products Association (CPA) predicting that infrastructure construction output is only expected to fall marginally, Geoworks is using this time to invest in its biaxial geogrid product range.

To support current high work levels, our premium E’GRID and SX Grid biaxial geogrid product range has been refined from 11 to six products. The change means greater clarity of the options available for contractors while retaining its ease of installation capabilities for faster construction. Larger stocks of the key products will also mean even better product availability. 

While it is a difficult time for the sector, infrastructure projects have been predicted by the CMA to be less vulnerable than other areas of construction due to the groundworks of major projects continuing.

David Fisher

Head of Geosynthetics Sales

“By this new investment in our range, we are sending a clear message of support. Demand is still incredibly high for our geogrid solutions, which are ideal for applications like piling platforms, adoptable roads and rail. Now, contractors can benefit not only from an easier to understand range, but one that has even greater product availability too.”

The E’GRID range, which has a 100-year design life and is ideal for high-risk applications such as adoptable roads and working platforms, is now available in a choice of 30kN/m2 4m wide, 40 kN/m2 4m wide and 30L (30 kN/m2 large aperture) 4m wide. The SX Grid range, which has a 50-year design life and is especially useful for lower risk and temporary applications such as compounds and haul roads, is now available in 20 kN/m2 5.2m wide, 30 kN/m2 5.2m wide and 30 kN/m2 5.2m wide composite.

David continued: “The changes have furthermore had a positive impact on our pricing, allowing us to be even more competitive. For example, we’ve been able to introduce new price reductions within our geogrid range.

This is the first phase of a three-step development plan for our Geogrid range, with future ambitions in place to continue to enhance the offering. 

Geogrid products

Stock code Description My Geoworks
GGEGRID/30 E'GRID Premium Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/30L E'GRID Premium Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene, large aperture - 4m x 50m roll
GGEGRID/40 E'GRID Premium Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 4m x 30m roll
GGSXGRID/20 SX Grid Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 5.2m x 50m roll
GGSXGRID/30 SX Grid Biaxial Geogrid Polypropylene - 5.2m x 50m roll