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ProtectaWeb is an established and proven method of providing slope reinforcement and tree root protection. Simple to install, it can provide significant time and cost savings in comparison to alternative methods, reducing infill material requirements by as much as 50%. 

ProtectaWeb installation

ProtectaWeb is an established and proven method of providing slope reinforcement and tree root protection. When installed it provides a matrix that contains and confines granular infill. This provides a stable, uncompacted structure with an enhanced angle of internal friction, significantly reducing the loads imposed on to soils and tree roots. The perforated cell walls provide lateral drainage, minimising the build-up of confined water and enhancing drainage, even on gradients.

When constructing access tracks or parking areas close to tree roots, ProtectaWeb prevents undue stress and possible damage from being caused. Providing the answer to striking the right balance between creating pedestrian and vehicular access and tree root protection.

When used for slope reinforcement, ProtectaWeb provides contractors with a straightforward installation, even on steep banks and slopes. ProtectaWeb is an incredibly cost-effective solution for reinforcement and can significantly reduce infill requirements, in some instances by up to 50%.

The range has been developed to be cost-effective and environmentally sensitive.

ProtectaWeb product render


Stock code Description My Geoworks
Protectaweb/75 75mm deep geocell
Protectaweb/100 100mm deep geocell
Protectaweb/150 150mm deep geocell
Protectaweb/200 200mm deep geocell
ProtectaWeb path installation at botanical gardens


Strong and stable surface

Provides a suitable, stable, running surface for the required road or track.

No-dig solution

A no-dig solution with no mechanical damage to the existing tree roots.

Load transfer reduction

Significant reduction in the loads transferred from above to tree roots.

Prevent soil compaction

Prevents harmful compaction of the soils in the root protection area.

Increased water and oxygen supply

Provides a porous and uncompacted structure that enables the tree’s essential supply of water and oxygen to be maintained.

Removes the risks of fines

Eliminates the risk of a potential fine for causing damage or death to a tree subject to a Tree Protection Order.

ProtectaWeb installation at botanical gardens
Looking for tree root protection?

ProtectaWeb prevents damage to tree roots

Whether you're building pathways, roads, car parks or lorry parks, ProtectaWeb provides reliable tree root protection in all types of soil, without any digging required.

The system is simply placed on the existing ground, filled and finished with a porous surface. The cells are filled with a clean angular stone which allows drainage and aeration through the cells. Perforated cell walls provide drainage, minimising hydrostatic build-up while ensuring the maximum supply of water to the tree roots, even when installed on a gradient.

Forest with sunlight shining through trees
Soil compaction

Avoid the biggest threat to trees

On development sites soil compaction is the biggest threat to existing trees. Compaction is caused primarily by the construction process. This is usually compounded by site traffic using the site prior to any tree protection measures being in place.

Soil compaction forces air, minerals and water particles out of the soil leaving the tree root starved of the vital components needed for health.

There are other factors which can cause harm to trees on development sites. These include:

  • Storing building materials above the root protection area
  • Creating impermeable surfaces above tree roots
  • Raising ground levels above the root protection area
  • Poor design of tree protection measures
  • Root severance and disturbance during tree works
  • Building too close to tree trunks.
ProtectaWeb installation and Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh
Carbon reductions as standard

ProtectaWeb for robust slope reinforcement

ProtectaWeb is designed to prevent shear failure and lateral movement of aggregate materials. It provides contractors with a straightforward installation method, even on steep banks and slopes, providing resistance to erosion from wind and water run-off.

As a perforated panelled system, water is allowed to flow freely between cells, encouraging drainage and vegetation growth.

ProtectaWeb is an incredibly cost-effective solution for reinforcement, reducing granular fill requirements by up to 50%, and providing carbon reductions in the process. It is lightweight and easy to handle and cut. It can be used in conjunction with many common fill materials, even in locations of high load intensity. When infilled, ProtectaWeb provides a semi-rigid foundation.

Applications for ProtectaWeb

ProtectaWeb is a versatile solution, providing many functions across wide ranging applications

Car parks

Provides vital tree root protection to parking areas.

Access roads

Access roads can suffer from erosion and irreversible damage to tree roots, ProtectaWeb can provide the solution.


Provides an aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance solution to driveways along with protection to nearby roots.


ProtectaWeb provides protection and reinforcement from the erosion effects caused by pedestrians.

Landscaping and tree planting

Embankments and slopes

Provide a longstanding reinforcement that's quick and easy to install onto slopes and embankments.

Embankments, slopes, bunds and walls

ProtectaWeb Statistics

of proven real-world project experience


reduction available on infill material requirements



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