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GT Membrane 500

Our standard impermeable geomembranes are popular for creating a watertight barrier to prevent stormwater from filtering out and saturating the surrounding ground.

Our GT Membrane 500 provides a cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable solution for a wide range of environmental and engineering applications.

GT Membrane 500

Specification guide

This geomembrane is a standard impermeable membrane used for attenuation tank applications in SUDS. The membrane is completely wrapped around the modular water storage tanks to make them watertight, and then the whole tank, together with the membrane, is wrapped with a protection fleece geotextile to prevent the membrane from being punctured.

Please note that for higher-risk applications, a thicker geomembrane is usually required, however, this is usually specified by the client.

Resistance to Water and Water Vapour

The Geomembranes and methods of jointing provide an effective barrier to the passage of liquid water and water vapour from the ground.


Adjacent sheets should be overlapped by at least 150mm and should be bound with jointing tape. Double-sided and single-sided tape is available on request from our team.

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to attack by inorganic acids, alkalis and salt solutions which cause corrosion to metals and dilute solutions of detergent or bleaches.

Resistance to UV Light

Does not have UV stabilisation, therefore not recommended for long periods of exposure to sunlight. Weathering will not occur when installed in accordance with geotechnical engineer’s instructions.

Resistance to Puncturing

Has a high standard of resistance when used in accordance with a suitable protection layer which should be specified by an engineer on site. Care should be taken to avoid damage during storage, handling and installation.

GT Membrane 500 Specification

Characteristics Unit Results
Thickness Microns 500
Mass g/m2 460
Tensile strength N/25mm >180
Mp >14.4
Elongation at Break Unaged % >500
Ageing at 56 days at 80 oC  % >250
Tear Resistance N >20
N/mm >40
Impact strength Body F50,g >1000
Fold F50,g >500
Durability - effective operational temperature range (oC) 25-60
Colour   Black
Roll size m 4 x 12.5
Material   Polyethylene

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