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Weed suppression

WeedShield and FasTrack Shield

WeedShield, WeedShield Plus, and FasTrack Shield are a comprehensive range of weed suppression fabrics. Crafted for functionality and quality, our collection comes in three distinct variants designed to meet various gardening and landscaping needs.

Blooming flowers in a weed free flower bed

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Whether you're looking for lightweight weed suppression for bedding plants and flower beds, or heavy duty geotextile suitable for weed suppression beneath decking, patios and pathways the shield range has you covered.

Available in 3 varieties, WeedShield, WeedShield Plus and FasTrack Shield you will find a solution for every application.

With WeedShield and WeedShield Plus you'll find that your soil will remain healthy and fertile thanks the permeable nature of the fabric. This allows nutrients such as liquid feed, fertilisers, water and air to pass through it, while preventing the light needed for weeds to grow.

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Product comparison chart

Application WeedShield WeedShield Plus FasTrack Shield
Flower beds  



Weedsheild is a light weight weed suppressing geotextile. It offers effective weed suppression for many basic applications around the garden.

Suitable applications include more planting, flower beds and small decking areas.

Stock code Description My Geoworks
GTWEEDSHIELD Weedshield weed suppressant fabric (various roll sizes available)

WeedShield Plus

WeedShield Plus landscape fabric is a thicker alternative to our standard WeedSheild weed suppressing geotextile. It provides a more heavy duty weed suppression, suitable for most landscaping projects.

Suitable applications include more substantial decking, landscaping and planting projects.

Stock code Description My Geoworks
GTWEEDSHIELDP Weedshield Plus premium weed suppressant fabric (various roll sizes available)

FasTrack Shield

FasTrack Shield performs two main functions. As a woven geotextile it provides light weed suppression properties, but its strength through it's woven construction makes it ideal for the separation of soils and aggregates.

Suitable applications include patios, pathways and groundworks.

Stock code Description My Geoworks
GTFASHIELD FasTrack Shield robust woven weed suppression geotextile (various roll sizes available)
Modern garden with well separated materials and no weeds


WeedShield, WeedShield Plus and FasTrack Shield provide numerous benefits.

Limit light

These fabrics reduce the likelihood of weeds growing by reducing the amount light needed for weeds to grow.


Can be used to separate different materials, whether different types of soil, or compost or preventing decorative stones from being lost in soil.


Allow nutrients to be filtered into soil to enable healthy growth.


FasTrack Shield is an incredibly strong weed suppressing fabric ideally suited to tough applications.

FasTrack Shield