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Geomembranes are one of the most versatile products used in SUDS systems, waterproofing, landfill sites and below-ground drainage containment.

A highly reliable choice as a liner in Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) applications, to help prevent leakage of liquids, geomembranes are an ideal solution wherever fluid movement needs to be controlled.

Available in various roll sizes, our impermeable geomembranes are manufactured to current European standards and can be tailored for a huge range of civil engineering projects.

A geomembrane being installed

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We can supply the suitable tapes for lapped and taped jointed situations or we can offer a full design, supply and installation option providing the client with the comfort that the selected system will be installed correctly ensuring long term performance of the installed Geomembrane.

Wrekin Products also provide pre-formed welded liners reducing installation timeframes and costs of specialist machinery and labour associated with full installation packages.


  • Attenuation ponds and lagoons
  • Anaerobic digestion ponds
  • Waste management
  • Slurry lagoons
  • Trench lining
  • Soil based gas barrier
  • Ornamental lakes
  • Containment barriers
  • Root barriers
  • Japanese Knotweed barriers
  • Hydrocarbon barriers

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Warner Brothers Studio

We helped Warner Brothers Studio and earthworks contractor Spadeoak to build new car parking areas as the land where they had previously built car parking on was being reclaimed for new buildings. Our MultiTrack 1000 nonwoven geotextile was laid on the formation to provide separation and filtration.

Warner Brothers Studio
Warner Brothers Studio
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